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    exports of agricultural products and food products Halal

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    Ascorus Consulting

  • Ascorus Consulting is a dynamically developing company operating in the sphere of purchasing and exporting agricultural products of the grain and oil-yielding groups, transportation and logistics industry and rendering legal services.

    The main lines of activities are trade operations in the national market as well as export of agricultural products abroad to non-CIS countries.

    Ascorus Consulting is constantly monitoring the company’s operation which enables the company to meet the present-day demands of the world grain market and the customer-oriented service of high calibre makes for increase of the company performance quality and efficiency.

    The company has long-lasting relationships with the Russian Federation grain producers, provender mills, oil, flour and meat producers and transport companies which are always in the focus of our attention for our customers to be supplied with the first rate goods in time. Founded in 2008 Ascorus Consulting is a private company with the head office in Moscow and representation in Astrakhan, Novorossiysk and Rostov-on-Don.

Ascorus Consulting

Grain trading

At present our company may offer for export practically the whole range of agricultural products and Halal foods, which are grown and produced in the territory of Russia.

Take a look at a very short major list of products which our company may offer in bulk at present:

  • bread and feeding wheat

  • barley

  • corn

  • chickpea

  • sunflower seeds of various classes and grades

  • wheat flour of the high and first grade

  • sunflower and corn oil

  • compound feed

  • Besides we can offer chilled and frozen lamb, veal, beef and chicken meat as well as live lambs and many other Halal foods.

    The goods may be shipped from the Russian ports of the Black Sea, Azov and CaspianSeas, as well as the river ports located in the inner waterways of Russia during the period of summer navigation.

    All our products will be supported with the full set of international standard documentation necessary for importing agricultural products and foodstuffs in your country. These documents are Phytosanitary Certificate, Veterinary Certificate, Radiation free Certificate, Health Certificate, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Inspection (C.O.I.) and Test Report for Iranian purchasers, Halal Certificate for meat products and any other documents which may be necessary for you. Besides if it is required by the customer the certificates may be attested at his country’s embassy or at any other country’s embassy in Russia.

  • Ascorus Consulting

    Legal services

    From the first days of the company’s existence the basic principles of our activities has become:

    • leadership on the basis of a personal example

    • acting as a untied team

    • offering optimal decisions based on in-depth analysis

    • straight dealing and openness in relations with business partners and colleagues

  • Ascorus Consulting renders assistance and overall legal support to customers in respect of the whole spectrum of legal and commercial issues connected with their commercial operation in the area of trade and transport logistics to enable the customers to make well-grounded and economically sound decisions.

    We offer our services in respect of shipowners’, charterers’ and cargo owners’ protection at the stage of filing a claim, at courts and arbitration tribunals and legal consulting in respect of wide range of problems including interpretation of clauses, remarks and provisos contained in charter parties, bills of lading, contracts, insurance policies and other documents. The company provides the customers with efficient legal support in solving a complex of problems including those connected with the customs law.

    Owing to deep knowledge of the Russian Federation laws, thorough competence in shipping business and broad practical experience in dealing with the companies of various forms of ownership and state bodies in the sphere of maritime and civil laws, the specialists of our company efficiently and promptly protect the customers’ interests and solve the most complicated problems irrespective of the place and time of their arising.

    The comprehensive approach makes for prompt arriving at the best unconventional solutions and protecting the position of our customers.

Ascorus Consulting


Ascorus Consulting offers full service of a cargo forwarder and shipper when grain and general cargoes are shipped both over the territory of the Russian Federation and for export:

  • on board sea and river ships
  • by tucks
  • by rail
  • in maritime 20’ and 40’ containers – in bulk, in bags, big bags and other packing.

as for the territory of the Russian Federation and for export.

Our specialists coordinate the work with elevators, railway, transport companies, the certifying and customs bodies to ship grain from a place of storage to a port or elevator. They also keep under control the timely delivery of cargo and the cleanliness of the carrier.

Our company offers customers the most expedient route with thorough consideration of the way from the place of storage to the destination and will assist you to avoid mistakes and incidental expenses, will give advices and create optimal conditions for successful cargo delivery.

Ascorus Consulting provides the following services on advantageous terms:

  • chartering of ships
  • providing the customers with rolling railway vehicles and trucks

Our key advantages are:

  • representation in the main sea and river ports and regions of the Russian Federation
  • long-term cooperation with the leading maritime and river transport companies, the biggest trucking and railway operators, stevedoring companies, expert organizations and the largest container lines
  • up-to-date IT-support for logistic services
  • readiness to provide individual solutions for meeting any particular needs and requirements of our customers

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